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The Layman as an Estate Planner: The Curse of the Home-Made Will

It is the author’s experience that most clients do not understand the nature of their own asset structures. Commonly, they do not understand the separation of legal and beneficial ownership, trust relationships, superannuation and the rights assigned to those relationships. It is also the author’s experience that many lawyers do not understand these relationships or [...]

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Crafting a Great Parenting Arrangement After Divorce

In Australia, the law encourages both parents and other people interested in the care and welfare of a child to agree on parenting arrangements, including where and with whom the child will live, how the child will be financially supported and what that child’s  relationship with other family members will be. Indeed, children have a [...]

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Common Divorce Pitfalls to Avoid

Maybe you didn’t see it coming. Maybe you’ve known it was going to happen for some time. Maybe it’s a well-contained no-fault divorce. Maybe it’s not so amicable. Either way, you’ve got a few things to worry about right now… (Before you consider the Common Divorce Pitfalls) […]

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Pet Custody and Consideration of Pets in Family Court Proceedings

When a couple separate, whether they have been married or in a de facto relationship, they usually need to resolve how to divide their property. How are family pets treated? […]

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Dog attacks

Given an ongoing trend of dog attacks and increasing community concern, local governments are becoming increasingly active in prosecuting owners of dogs which attack people or other animals. The Dog Act 1976 (WA) contains a number of offences dealing with dog attacks. By the creation of various offences, the Act in effect imposes a number of onerous obligations on owners to ensure they properly control their dogs. For example, it is an offence under the Act where a dog attacks or chases a person or another animal. […]

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Residence and contact orders relating to children in Australia (formerly custody and access orders)

When dealing with parenting orders (which include residence orders and contact orders), the law’s main concern is to ensure that the child’s best interests are met by being protected from physical or psychological harm and having both parents involved meaningfully in their lives if possible. Many factors are considered by the Family Court in deciding what parenting orders are in a child’s best interests. […]

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Havilah Legal Red Carpet Burleigh to Surfers 10 km Ocean Swim

For the second year in a row, Havilah Legal have been the major sponsor of the Gold Coast Open Water Swim Club’s Burleigh to Surfers 10km Ocean Swim charity event. […]

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